Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red Hair Colors - Best Red Hair Color Ideas

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Red hair color, fair skin and Poor tanning ability (RHC-trait) - A Treatable condition? Peptides can alter one's melanocytes making an artificial tan. Caution is suggested when mistreatment peptides for research.
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Synthetic epidermal cell stimulation via peptides area unit highly efficacious for those with RHC attribute. Melanocytes expressing RHC variants of MC1R which may be relevant for the poor tanning ability associated with people possessing these alleles. Future peptide delivery systems will modification the world of drugs.
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Melanocyte growth factors could convince have natural action. long term or permanent modification can occur with the Melanotan a pair of, IGF-1, and internal secretion peptides to the epidermal cell. IGF-I appears to play a task in epidermal cell growth and function and is complemented by secretion|somatotropin|somatotrophin|somatotropic hormone|somatotrophic hormone|STH|human growth hormone|hormone|endocrine|internal secretion} peptides (growth hormone alone is ineffective). IGF-1 and growth factors stimulate epidermal cell growth in a very dose dependent fashion.
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