Sunday, June 27, 2010

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Your perfect natural hair color is truly many colours or shades of colours. Yikes! you try to ignore your crowning glory fading away or you rush to the shop and purchase dye or attend a hair salon.
1. industrial hair dyes ar unsafe to your health.
3. Your dyed hair looks terrible.
All of the hair is one color.
4. the colour of your dyed hair is not the colour of the model's hair, within the image, on the dye box.
5. Your dyed hair looks dyed!
My hair fades in summer then darkens back within the winter.
This summer I noticed  some individual white hairs and a number of other strands of gray hair mixed in with faded red colours.
Obviously no industrial hair dyes for me. Henna looks an excessive amount of like industrial hair dyes, flat with no life.

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